Private label FAQ

Why is the minimum quantity only 12 pcs per product?
“We are a flexible company with flexible machines, which enable us to make small production runs.
Smaller poduction runs are done in-house, and larger runs are outsourced to our partner. This way we can ensure that the clients gets the best price!”

Is it possible to have my product packed in a box?
“Yes, we can supply boxes for your products. The moq is 1000 boxes per product. You can choose a window box that displays your bottle, this way you can use 1 box for different products.
Boxes will be charges (100%) at the time of ordering. The remaining boxes will be stored for you free of charge, en used for your future orders.

Is there a possibility for our own packaging or custom formulations?
“Yes, this is possible. This requires a minimum quantity. Usually, we can start from 200 pcs per product. If you need more information on custom packaging/formulation, don’t hesitate to contact us.”

Why do I need to pay  € 25,00 per product for registration at CPNP?
“Within the EU there’s a legal obligation to register all cosmetics at the CPNP in Brussels. As a supplier, we are responsible for this registration and charge a one-time contribution of € 25,00 per product. These costs will not be charged for future orders.”